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I hate it when someone posts up something on facebook like…

"My BLAHBLAHBLAH just died"

and then people click the “like” button on it? -_-

or like when someone says something heart-shattering, everyone clicks the “like” button.

Dafuckbitch? -_- Kinda rude but okay.

Dubstep Lyrics


Wowwwoahhhoooo  wr bowowowowowow brbrbrbrbrbrbrbbr grgrgrggr  wowowowowo wuhwuhwuhwuhwuhuhwwuh eeeeeetttttititititititititit bowwbowwwbwowwowww booom bbbooom boom boxx errr etitiefeti feti feti eeerr eeer eeer

hahahah. lololol.

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To North Korea:

Drop BEATS, not BOMBS. :]

N. Korea and S. Korea should just have a bboy battle to settle things.



Instead of dropping nuclear bombs, they should just drop airflare-bombs on the dance floor. ;D 

hahaha north korea would get roasted. they should play LoL instead. Me and you should represent America if War was settled that way xD

haha 5v5 tournament. ;D hahaha

N. Korea and S. Korea should just have a bboy battle to settle things.

Instead of dropping nuclear bombs, they should just drop airflare-bombs on the dance floor. ;D 

One great thing about facebook is that I use it to find out when people’s birthdays are. :]
Mann.. can’t wait till next month.

I’ma have hella money saved. Gettin that 3 checks comin in. Ballin. Gonna blow it on my car, and my tattoo. 


It’s not that I want or need pitty. It’s just I wanna find reason to keep going at it. I just wanna see that there is still hope at the end of it all. Sometimes I just feel like giving up. 

Life may get tough sometimes, but you just gotta keep going.

I feel like I have WAY too much responsibility for someone my age. Ugh. Working 2 jobs WHILE going to college full time. Paying for my own shit, my own car, my own clothes, my own gas. Learning to cook, wash my clothes, and basically survive on my own. Driving my sister literally across the city every day just so she can go to school. Helping out my friends with all their needs, even financial needs sometimes. 

Ughh. I gotta do it cause I wanna help my momma with everything. It must’ve been hard for her raising us 4 kids by herself all these years without any support from my fucking stupid dumbfucking father. I just wanna finish college so I can make bank so my mom don’t hafta work anymore. 

I fuckin get irritated when I see other people complaining about their family, about their parents, about their lives. Oh how I wish I could switch places with those guys for a day to so I could relax again. But whatever. I really can’t complain much cause I know there are kids all over the world who do anything to be in my place, despite how shitty my situation is. 

Thank You God for everything. Thank You for giving me this life so I can use it how You intended to help others more in need. 

Ughh, this is just my vent from my breakdown earlier this morning. :/ 

Black Ops.

So I get this game on opening day and a few hours of playing, I’m like, “This game has shitty graphics.” So I’m like, “It can’t be that bad, I mean, there was so much hype for this shit.” So I continued playing it for a straight week. This game is still shitty to me. You can’t quickscope, and the graphics make it feel like it’s a N64 game. Even though I am using HDMI. The only thing fun is playing Zombies; and the campaign ain’t too bad either. But still, FUCK TREYARCH for another shitty game like World at War. Looks like it’ll be back to MW2 for me. :]

Veteran’s Day

Most people see this day as just another day of no school or work, in some cases. I see it as a day to commemorate those who fought for this country. Not just from WWI where today originated from, but those who served the country to preserve the peace. Yea America can be fucked up sometimes, but I think I’d rather be living here than any other place. And even though, I wasn’t born here in America, that won’t stop me from thanking a person I see in uniform for their work. :]

I think I shall celebrate today by playing Call of Duty: Black Ops all day. Hail yeaaa.

Hi boyfriend.

You’re sleeping right next to me right now. I’m supposed to wake you up soon. Lol, you look funny when you’re sleeping, but in a cute way. I just wanna cuddle with you :) so tomorrow is our 7 months, * cough * 1 year & 1 month * cough * ;) But that’s alright. I don’t think we’d be as strong as we are now if we never had that break between us. I’m excited! But I’m gonna be away from you for basically 3 days with no service because of my field trip to Mt. Charleston :( No worries, though. I’ll be thinking about you the whole time :D Okay, I’m gonna wake you up now. I love you! <3

I’m officially gonna start growing my beard today. :]

Or atleast try. :P

I’m gonna download more beats on my iPod..

It’s pretty fun freestyling while I’m driving. Helps time go by faster. 

"Who you calling Pinhead?" Lol, best line ever! ;P